Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Pretty Pot of Pink

Yoghurt. The trendy food. Over the past few years, Auckland has finally been bitten by the yoghurt bug. There are so many yoghurt stores in the CBD now that you'd have a hard time picking which one to go (that is, if you haven't tried them all and don't know which one is the best - yep that's me.) I remember only a few years back, there was only one yoghurt store in town. But to be frank, one was enough. Yogoberry! They served the best frozen yoghurt - creamy, refreshing, smooth, slight tang, not overly sugarified, yum! And even better, you can get their yoghurt in a cone, in a cup, with loads of fruits and sauce toppings, whizz it up in a smoothie, OR - the one that most people opt for, paired with freshly made waffles with loads of fruits and sauces. Delish much? Heck yeah. And what makes this store even more amazing is that it is manned (or shall i say wo-manned) by the Korean lady owner, who is friken amazing - taking orders, making all these food for a store full of people all by herself. 

Ok, I didn't mean to spend a whole paragraph advertising for Yogoberry. Couldn't help it though! It was that amazing and still is. I do however want to try some other yoghurt stores in town, espesh this one called White and Co. So many people have posted photos of their fro-yo which made me crave them for weeks, though i haven't even had them. But the thing is, their store is located quite some distance from uni and because it's not on-the-way-from-uni-to-my-bus-stop so if i want to get there, I have to take a big detour. And with test and assignment season fully in swing, me don't exactly have the time for that. 

So. Solution. Make my own. And here it is! 
I don't exactly have a recipe for it, since I pretty much just chucked everything in the blender. Bit of natural yoghurt, few frozen strawberries (ones that we hand-picked ourselves many moons back! Oh how i miss summer...), some honey AND a special ingredient, flaxseed or linseed oil. You can pretty much make it to your liking. Add any fruit that you have at hand, any form or sweetener in your pantry - agave, golden syrup, red sugar, whatever floats your boat. and the best part about that is, you can really taste the fruit - not some artificial flavouring from some store bought ones!

Anyway, before I run off (well, not literally) to continue writing my assignment, let me briefly tell you about flaxseed oil. And yoghurt. And cottage cheese. 

Well, we all believe that cancer cannot be cured right? Wrong. Dr Budwig, who hailed from Germany spent many many years studying this simple combination of cottage cheese (or yoghurt, because it has the same active compound) and flaxseed oil. And she found that if you blend the two together (in a particular proportion), they make the perfect solution to counter and fight those Nazi-fied cancer cells, tame them and make them into good cells again! Now, we all know that cancer cells are merely good cells gone bad, caused by lack of love, lack of care, lots of abuse and fouling. In a nutshell, it is karma. You've abused your temple and now it's all dirty and full of junk and holes and broken pipes and lots of pests and horrifying stuff. So how do you cure yourself of cancer? Obviously, the thing to do is to clean up your temple. Like truly, make it spotless and holy and serene. Dr Budwig's cottage cheese and flaxseed diet is like a super powerful detergent. So it speeds up the cleaning process. Now of course, I'm not making any claims about this miracle diet. Because I believe however great something is, it still depends on the individual, like their history, karma, how vigorously they've actually turned a new page in their life, how much effort they are putting in to heal themselves, etc. Also, it's not just about change in diet. There are many many other factors like the spiritual aspect of it, emotional side, like letting go of anger and greed and all the attachments, etc. Once you're free of all these pollution which are mostly created by yourself, your temple will then be tranquil. 

Haha, from yoghurt to temple. How'd that happen? 

Anyway, happy whizzing. 

PS. If you have time, you could whiz this up and chuck it in the freezer or ice cream machine and wait a few hours before consuming it and then you'll really have some homemade froyo! Coz obviously this is just yo. Minus its fro.

PPS. If you wanna know more about the cottage cheese + flaxseed oil diet, Google Dr Johanna Budwig. 

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